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We hope you’ll come visit us soon — we promise you’ll learn something new.

At Riverside Historical Society, we are more than our collection of Riverside memories. We are a 100% volunteer 501c3 non-profit dedicated to our community and educating our visitors. Our carefully curated collection attempts to impart our knowledge and ideas, and instills excitement and imagination in our visitors. We are open the last Tuesday and Saturday of each month from 10am-2pm and can open by appointment as well! 

Admission is free, donations for visits are appreciated!


Visit the Riverside Historical Society

Our museum is open twice a month regularly or by appointment requests.

Last Tuesday of the month: 10a-2p
Last Saturday of the month: 10a-2p 
We also open by appointment.

Email us for more information!


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10 Zurbrugg Way, Riverside, NJ 08075, USA


10 Zurbrugg Way, Riverside, NJ 08075, USA

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